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Ways around GamStop: Ultimate guide how to cancel a GamStop

Gamstop is a self-exclusion system that helps combat gambling addiction. If you have been forced to register on the site, persuaded to do so, or simply made a mistake earlier, read below how to get around GamStop. Below will be real tips and ways around GamStop, all of which work, so that you can overcome the blockage.

Ways to get around GamStop

The self-exclusion process is bad in that the player will not be able to register, log in to a gambling site that operates under a UKGC license. The blocking period varies from 6 months to 5 years, and each of these can be too long for a gambler, so they try to find an alternative. There are some tips on how to get around self exclusion despite the UKGC and Gamstop.

Get an account on a site that is not on GamStop

There are many good and reliable non-UKGC licensed casinos online not on GamStop system. The establishments don’t pay high taxes to the UK regulator, they have good bonuses and promotions. They can also offer players a large selection of games, markets (if we are talking about betting shops), which will not be on the UK sites. Registration on the site takes half a minute and no full verification is needed, making entry quick and easy.

Choose an online casino without verification

These are unverified gambling sites that know how to get around self-exclusion, allowing visitors to play poker, bet on slots without verification. Some casinos do require authentication at the time of withdrawal, but it’s a simple procedure. To make sure everything goes quickly, be sure to read the internal documents of the site (they are Rules, Terms and Conditions).

Download VPN on your phone or computer

Virtual private networks allow gamblers to temporarily change their geographical location online. As a result, players who want to get around GamStop can play baccarat or fruit slots as if from another location on the planet. As a result, you can get around GamStop, which blocks residents from the UK. Players registered via VPN do not accept all online casinos with international licences. Many may refuse to withdraw money from the deposit if the truth is revealed. It’s best to clarify this point before making a deposit on the site.

Play at land-based casinos

The casino sites are convenient, allow you to play any time of day, offer low stakes and fast payouts. There are also great bonuses to help boost your bankroll. This is why many people bypass land-based establishments. If you’re looking for a way to get round GamStop in the UK, a land-based casino can be a great alternative. These establishments are not part of the blockchain program, so they let all Brits in. That way, it’s easy to get back into the game.

Deposit at bitcoin and cryptocasinos

The Gamstop system finds users by the personal details they leave on the site during registration. If you use a casino with bitcoin and other digital money, you can avoid being checked. Such sites don’t need lengthy KYC procedures, utility bill checks, and self-exclusion profile checks. The most important thing is that the player has a cryptocurrency wallet with a positive balance. The institutions use digital money as the main currency. Before depositing, it should be made clear that withdrawals are also possible in bitcoins.

Asking friends for help

A commonly used method among Brits is when friends provide their personal details to gamblers. These can be used to open a new account on the casino site. The player then simply logs in to the friend’s account and spins the reels further. It is important to get permission from the person to use their personal information so that there are no problems.

Do nothing and wait for the blocking to end

If the ways how to avoid GamStop above have not worked for you, you can wait until the self-exclusion scheme expires. As we said above, the period of voluntary registration on the Gamstop website is 6 months, a year and 5 years. Once a gamer has passed the Gamstop registration, there is no way around the restriction.

After the expiry of the self-exclusion programme, the blocking will not go away automatically. The player has to take certain actions. It is necessary to contact the Gamstop support, ask the staff to remove the entry there. Only after removing the information about the blocking the personal data of the person will leave the database. Afterwards, players can use all the websites and accounts that were previously available to them.

What you can play bypassing GamStop

Getting around GamStop with our tips is easy, but the easiest way to bypass GamStop is to use reliable sites with international licences that do not participate in the blocking scheme. Below in table #1 we take a look at all the entertainment options available to Brits to bypass self-exclusion.

5Bingo sites not on GamStopIf you’ve been blocked from playing online casino games and don’t know how to get around GamStop self exclusion, choose bingo sites. Check our list of establishments that don’t fall under the GamStop scheme and are available to Brits.

Entertainment not on GamStop for Brits Brief description
1 Online casinos not on GamStop If you’re looking for a way how to get around GamStop UK, just choose casinos without a UK self-exclusion program. These establishments are reliable, safe, and offer great bonuses for newbies.
2 Bookmakers not on GamStop An alternative to UK bookmakers. They’re not part of the blockchain programme either. You can choose any reputable institution on our site, make a quick registration, and place bets on horse racing (TEXT UK. Betting on horse racing) and other sports.
3 Online slots not on GamStop There are online slots sites that are not registered with GamStop. There are no restrictions for Brits there, you can start playing your favourite slots straight away.
4 Bingo sites not on GamStop If you’ve been blocked from playing online casino games and don’t know how to get around GamStop self exclusion, choose bingo sites. Check our list of establishments that don’t fall under the GamStop scheme and are available to Brits.
5 Lotto sites not on GamStop If you play on lotto sites, there is a chance of winning a big jackpot. This applies to lotto sites not on GamStop if you are a member of the self-exclusion programme. You can start playing today.

Table #1. What you can play if you are on the UK self-exclusion list

The benefits of playing casinos not on GamStop

Online casinos without a blockchain software resemble regular UK gaming sites. They have sections with different types of slots, table games, video poker and live casino. Separately, there are sections with tournaments, cyber and virtual sports and sports betting.

Let us outline the advantages of playing casinos not on GamStop:

  • Bookmakers offer sports betting on unusual, new markets not found in UK establishments.
  • High deposit and withdrawal limits.
  • A wide range of entertainment on the site from leading and actively developing developers.
  • Good bonuses – welcome pack, freespins, no deposit gifts, reload bonuses, cashbacks.
  • Promotions and gifts for customers, participation in loyalty programme.
  • Different payment methods, including cryptocurrency.

The fewer responsible gambling measures that affect the casino rules, the fewer the restrictions on the gambling site – no delays between spins, monthly deposit limits, maximum bet size.

Disadvantages of not playing at GamStop

Along with the pros of playing at online casinos and other sites not on GamStop, there are also disadvantages:

  • Service at the casino is not always aimed at British or English-speaking users. There may be issues with customer support that doesn’t understand English, time zones, or the translation of the site into your native language. So choose an establishment from our list that accepts Brits.
  • Some slots that were available to UK residents will not be available in casinos that do not participate in the self-exclusion programme.
  • With a gambling addiction, gamblers will not be fully protected, as with Gamstop casinos.
  • Many sites do not accept wagers in pounds sterling, only euros and US dollars, so you will have to lose some money on currency conversion fees.
  • Casino disputes are resolved in countries other than the UK.
  • Payouts of large bonuses may have restrictions. These need to be clarified in advance so that there are no issues when withdrawing money from the deposit.

In any case, if you are looking for ways how to get past GamStop, having an online casino without a self-exclusion program is an added benefit. You can always spread a game of poker, spin the reels, bet on sports if you get past Gamstop.


There is no easy advice on how to gamble with GamStop in UK casinos if you’ve already got into this programme. The only option is to wait until the blocking period specified expires. Then you can go back to the familiar sites, place bets and spin the reels. When you do not have the strength to wait for a strictly allocated time, then choose sites without blocking on our site. These are foreign institutions with international licenses that offer high winnings and fast payouts to all visitors. They have a large range of games, there are several thousand slots with different RTP and volatility.

The games are available in demo mode, you can comfortably and risk-free check if you can get your winnings and think through your strategy. Explore our online casino rankings at Gamstop and make sure you’re just a couple of steps away from signing up for the highest prizes.


Is there a way around GamStop?
Unregistering on Gamstop is a dream come true for many Brits who get on this list by accident, hitting the lock button in a hurry. But technically this is not possible until the restriction expires. But there are legal ways how to gamble when on GamStop, and the most popular of these is playing on alternative sites not on Gamstop.
There are No Ways to Cancel GamStop?
The sites registered on Gamstop restrict the gamblers' access to casino games and betting at the betting shops if the user has agreed to a self-exclusion period. Our team of experts offer 7 ways to bypass the blocking, so choose whichever one suits you best.
What sites does GamStop not blocked?
Here is a list of reputable sites that accept UK players - Fortune Clock, Very Well, Agent No Wagger, Win Diggers, WG Casino, Libra Spins Casino. These operators do not participate in GameStop, so are available to UK residents.
Does GamStop affect your credit rating?
Participation in GamStop will not affect a UK resident's credit rating. This is because the service is completely confidential, the service will not reveal a player's personal information or financial details to anyone.